It is your lawful duty to keep your elected representatives informed of your WILL on how they should vote on legislation before the Government.

This information below will enable you to advise your represenative more easily than before.

Now you can put nearly every politician in your mail box (in Eudora or Netscape) and contact them all with a single keypress!
Some General Tips:

1. Vary your message accordingly to the parties if you have time.

2. If you like, try and act like a marginal voter  - they are the only
species politicians listen to. (try sentences like: "I changed my vote
at the last election because i thought this nation needed a change but
the government's views on  <pick one issue at a time> has made me regret
ever having done anything so stupid...")

3. Put the addresses in the BCC: field if possible and address any
comments to "Dear Senator," (senate) or "To the Honourable Member"
(house of reps) - this way they won't necessarily realise that you're
sending it to all of them!

Members of Federal Parliarment list are available at: all members e-mail addresses most members

For more information about Members of Parliament who's in what party etc.

Members of Senate list are available at: all senators email phone and fax numbers in Canberra (underline between sen_int.htm) state office ph & Fax and address (underline between sen_list.htm)

For more information about Members of the Senate who's in what party etc.

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