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The Federal Minister

John Anderson

approved the Brisbane Draft Master Plan 1998

in February 1999

Brisbane Airport Corporation Limited


* The Brisbane Airport planned new parallel main runway will aline over southern residential suburbs. Information gained under the Freedom of Information Act explaines the direction of Brisbane's Airport runway which faced over existing long term residential areas instead of over vacant state and federal government industrial land.

"The orientation of current and future runways has been deliberately set to maximise industrial development opportunities in the mouth of the Brisbane River."

web page: B.A.R.B.

Port of Brisbane Planning Report.

by Les Greenhill



Queensland Cement Ltd who are extracting live and dead coral from Moreton Bay for cement manufacture.

Queensland Rail built a diesel refueling station on the approach to the Port of Brisbane on Whyte Island on the edge of the Moreton Bay Marine Park with storage of 275,000 litres of fuel and lubrication oil within the Moreton Bay Marine Park boundary and adjacent RAMSAR SITE without any Public Consultation or a full Environmental Impact Study being carried out.

Refer to front page article in "The Weekend Independent" November 1996 by Patrick Hay.

Press here to read article

*Sedimentation Control on Development sites and Building Sites which is either or all of the following: non-existant, insufficient, poorly maintained, and is rarely inspected or enforced by the Brisbane City Council inspectors

Brisbane City Council Shame Files

* An Engineer's view of sedimentation controls at Mt Coot-tha.

A Brisbane City Council Development Site

See for yourself. Controls were not maintained. Ten photos.

We may take some time to supply information on the WWW about all the issues we are currently involved in, but information can be obtained about any of the following issues with a request be Email to:

*Sithe Energy has approval to build a gas turbine Power Station on Gibson Island in the Brisbane River.

Brisbane residents have been subjected to an expensive public funded media campaign to save water. Water meters have been installed in all residential homes in Brisbane. Not all commercial premises have water meters. This cogeneration plant water consumption is estimated at 2.8 % of Brisbane water usage.

*Queensland Government has approved the building of a new road to the Port of Brisbane through residential suburb of Hemmant.

*The pending building of a QRAIL new freight rail line to allow for long double stacked containers through the southern suburbs of Brisbane and cut the Karawatha Forrest in half (it is on the Register of the National Estate, the headwaters of Bulimba Creek, the habitat of two rare frog species) to link the airport and the sea port to take freight to the Port of Brisbane and to northern destinations through a tunnel under the Brisbane River.

Queensland Rail have indicated that they are planning a fourth rail line through the eastern suburbs of Buranda, Coorparoo, Norman Park, Morningside, Cannon Hill and Murarrie etc. QRail state that the new rail line is planned for the north side of the existing three rail lines. They also say it is for express passenger trains! Documents exist within Government files that a eastern freight bypass of Brisbane needs to be built to bypass the inner-city rail route which is becomming clogged with passenger trains.

See politicial undertakings about future rail lines

Mr Hamill the State Member for Ipswich who was the Transport Minister in the Goss Labor Government who was responsibe for building of the Dual Gauge Rail line to the Port of Brisbane is now the Treasuer in the Beatie Labor Government will be responsible for producing the world's largest herd of WHITE ELEPHANTS.

* A cross-river rail tunnel is planned for the Brisbane River between the city and Moreton Bay to take double stacked container trains and an extra six lane bridge to cater for the extra traffic in the Gateway Ports Area.

*Air Pollution and water pollution by industries both existing and proposed, and several other assorted issues.

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