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The Rivermouth Action Group Inc is a non-profit group of concerned residents who mainly residing on the south-east side of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The Group was formed as a united coalition of many community groups mainly on the east side of Brisbane. It was formed in 1988 to present an united voice for the community's concern about the I.C.I. Chemicals' proposal to build a small chlorine manufacturing plant at Lytton (which latter turned into a very large plant at Gladstone) about 13 kms from Brisbane's centre within several hundred meters of residential housing and a very large aged nursing home.

The noise pollution from the newly realined Brisbane Airport caused a split within some new member groups. The outcome was, that not enough time was placed on fixing the problem, rather time was spent deciding on which group had the best solution.

The dual gauge rail line to the Port of Brisbane again saw the residents in several suburbs protest without results, as government ignored the ordinary resident's right to a quiet night's sleep.

The proposed new Port Road which is set to cut in half the small Brisbane suburb of Hemmant has been the site of the most blaintant mismanagement of a consultation process our group has experienced.

The Rivermouth Action Group Inc. membership consists of the executive members of affilliated groups and other members of the community who have volunteered their expertise and time and resources to protect the environment and the residents of Queensland.

The Group has been incorporated since 1990 and has been at the forefront on numerous issues ever since. (see Certificate)

Since 1997 our Group with the support of PowerUp and Web Central has been able to place our issues on the Internet. We now offer other environmental/community groups around Brisbane without Internet access the opportunity to have their issue infront of the World of Internet users.


The objects for which the Association was established are :-

(1) The Rivermouth Action Group Inc. would aim to act as it see fit to protect the concerns and interests especially the health, safety, happiness and quality of life of those living and working in or visiting the City of Brisbane, its environs and any other areas of Queensland.

(2) The Rivermouth Action Group Inc. would aim to act as it sees fit to be a focus for community action on issues that effect the Standard of Living of people in the City of Brisbane, its environs and any other areas of Queensland.

(3) To pursue the objects in a manner that is not for the purpose of gain for profit to individual members and in a manner that is non-party political and non-sectarian.

(4) The Rivermouth Action Group Inc. would achieve the objects of the association by holding regular meetings at which the members would come together to discuss issues of mutual benefit. At these meetings other activities would be planned to achieve the aims of the association. Such activities might include giving lectures to interested organizations, holding stalls at community events and many other activities that would allow the aims of the organization to be achieved.

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