To wear or not to wear?

Don't worry if you can't interpret your school's Dress Code

The Queensland Director General of Education is also unable.

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Queensland Government changed Education Act August 2006

Queensland Government changed the Education Regulations 2007


School Uniforms now part of the Act just not the Regulations.

Download new Act 1.5 megs

Read part 3 and part 10

The following series web pages are dedicated to assist students who are suffering from school administrators who are themselves not complying with Government Policies.

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If you do send an e-mail asking for help or information please advise of your geographical location, how soon you require the information and what action you have taken to resolve the issue so far. As the webmaster I will be respond to e-mail on behalf of our Group you must remember I am a busy person. I will assist you where I can. Question like, "Which countries in the world don't have school uniforms?" cannot be answered except with Antarctic"

If you find any other school uniform web site that are interesting please send us an e-mail and tell us of them. We will make a link page to other sites which will in turn help other students and parents.

Self-help is the best help. Write to the Education Department asking for a copy of all Departmental Policies on School Uniforms. Ask your local representative for a copy of the Education Legislation under which your School operates.

Ask for a copy of the constitution under which the school committee operates who makes the recommendations and/or the decisions about School Uniforms. Attend their meetings and find out if they are complying with their own RULES especially at the last General Meeting for the financial year and the Annual General Meeting.

You will be surprised to find out what school administrators are entitled to do and not do or must do.

If enough students ask the government for a copy of their Policies they will soon learn that students are taking an interest in politics and that you will be a voter in just a few short years. Write to political candidates especially around election time and ask them where they stand on school uniforms. If you find one willing to put in writing their policy in which you believe to be correct, then maybe offer to help on election day or offer to letterbox for them in the run up to the election. Show that you are willing to support a candidate willing to support your version of a school uniform or no school uniform.

Write 'Letters to the Editor' on the issues and the political stand of the candidates. Publish your own newsletter.

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If you like our pages send us an e-mail. Don't forget to tell us where you're from. How relevant the information was. You could send us a short e-mail stating your stand on uniforms.

If you are having a debate on school uniforms don't forget to see our DEBATE NOTES press on line below.

Press this line to find out information and debate notes and what some school uniform Policies are, and what action parents and students can be taken to remedy some issues.


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