Queensland Government changed Education Act August 2006

Queensland Government changing Education Regulations after State Election


School Uniforms now part of the Act just not the Regulations.

Download new Act 1.5 megs

Read Chapter 12 part 3 and part 10

Don't worry if you can't interpret your school Dress Code

The Queensland Director General of Education is also unable.

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This site was developed for Students in Queensland, Australia.

Interstate and overseas visitors to this site must check their own county, state and federal legislation for actions which may be appropriate.

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1. Freedom of Information text.

2. Freedom of Information form letter.

3. Internal Review form letter.

4. External Review form letter.

5. Request annotation be placed on file where file incorrect.

6. Judicial Review text.

7. Judicial Review form letter.

8. Doctor's letter re To allow Girls to wear bicycle pants beneath sports skirts.


10. Letter not to interview without parent present.

11. Ombudsman Information.

11(a) Ombudsman's Report to Queensland Parliament October 1998.

12. Has a Queensland teacher the lawful right to hit your child? YES!!! e-mail request for information.

13. Parts of the Act, Provisions, and Regulations.

14. School Uniform Policies of the Queensland Department of Education.  All Queensland Students Must Read this item.

15. Assault by student/s.

16. Queensland Department of Education Policies.

17. Sunday Mail Editorial 17 Jan 1999

18. Sunday Mail Article 17 Jan 1999

19. Education Minister's Press Release on Uniforms 3 March 1999

20. Minister's speech in Parliament 3 March 1999

21. Notes for debating teams

22. Staff uniforms policy change



25. School Uniforms: Where They Are and Why They Work

26. An issue in USA

27. The Courier Mail Wednesday 1 Jan 2003 Page 20 re: Human Rights violation in British school

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Question Time:

Dear Teacher

Do you think that you are a great teacher or do you know that you are?

Are you one of the few really intelligent teachers that are actually capable of teaching a class of students who are not wearing a school uniform?

How would you survive as a teacher if you were transferred to a school which did not have a school uniform?

The answers I have received are to say at least interesting.  But the questions seems to upset the teachers.  I wonder why!


The Information on this page has been placed on the Internet as a guide as to what actions Parents and Students can take to inform themselves on their rights. With these rights also go responsibilities! The information contained on this WEB SITE will show you how to question how and why some actions have been taken by staff at schools and how to access your personal file held at a State School. The Act of Queensland Parliament provide for schools to keep SAFELY certain student records for 5 years for Secondary Schools and 10 years for primary school.

This page was first placed on the Internet 16 Sept 1997.

Write or phone the Department of Education and ask for a copy of the Policy which relates to the issue. Read Education (General Provisions) Act 1989 and Education (General Provisions) Regulations 1989 at your local library or purchase a copy from the Goprint, the Government Printers or ask you local State member for a copy.

What to do when you have a problem with the School Administration.

  • Highlights of the "EDUCATION (GENERAL PROVISIONS) ACT 1989. Queensland, Australia. (Check the new Act and Regulations)

    Investigation of complaint

    21 The chief executive shall investigate expeditiously any complaint, which in the opinion of the chief executive is not frivolous or vexatious complaint, in connection with the administration, management and operation of a State educational institution.

    Wilful disturbance

    30U. (1) A person must not wilfully disturb the good order or management of a State educational institutional.

    Maximum penalty -- 10 penalty units

    (2) A person must not insult an officer of a State educational institutional in the presence or hearing of a student of the institution, who is, at the time in question--

    (a) in or about the institution; or

    (b) assembled with others for educational purposes at or in any place.

    Maximum penalty-- 10 penalty units.

    (3) A person must not be convicted of an offence against this section if the person was, at the time in question, a student at the State educational institution.

    "insult" includes abuse.

    "officer of the State education institutional" includes a teacher, teacher on probation, teacher in training, staff member or person employed in any capacity at that institution.


    30V. A person must not be on the premises of a State educational institutional unless the person has lawful authority or a reasonable excuse for being on the premises.

    Maximum penalty -- 10 penalty units.

    One penalty unit = $75.00

  • If you don't have a computer, you could rent computers and do more research on this, or visit your local library and do the research on their computers... the issues are important enough that it's worth it.

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