Energex Shame Pages.

Energex Shame File #3 now on Web

  1. Energex underground cabling at Inala.
  2. Coroner calls for overhead powerline ban
  3. Cancer linked to powerlines
  4. Powerline Pollutants The Courier Mail 8 Dec 99
  5. Energex proposed dual 110 kv power line to Fisherman Island Port at Brisbane  February 2004



Another must see/read web site about the effects of high voltage power lines

Scientific Paper on high voltage power lines and their health effects.

The Removal & Pruning Of Trees & Regrowth Around Powerlines In South East Qld


Law Would Protect EU Workers From Electromagnetic Fields

Energex SUX

Why you may ask?

They have no publically available Public Consultation Policy Document.

Why do we want it?

So we can tell when they are not following policy.

What is wrong with ENERGEX present consultation?

Their vision of consultation is to tell you what they have decided to do to YOU and you have NO say.

Read their reply.

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