Environmental Vandalism at Inala.

On Monday the 17 May 1999 the following letter was received by our Group. Australia Post Dated 13 May 1999.

"Barry Wilson
Rivermouth Action Group
P.O. Box 268
Morningside Q 4170

Dear Mr. Wilson

The amount of mud and slush being washed down the gutters by Energex in Inala is disgraceful.

The next rain will make things even worse.

The streets are Balsa, Abelia & lavender.

If you could do something about this I would he extremely pleased.


A concerned citizen for the environment."

South-West News May 26, 1999

The was visited the site on Monday 17 about 3.15 pm.

The following are images from the video tape made at this time.

What the pictures below show is pollution of our waterways caused by the opperation of horizontal drilling machine boring a hole beneath footpaths to lay power cables to existing older homes thus remove overhead power cables and power poles on footpaths can be ontained.

This type of equipment is used by many utility companies to lay cables (phone, optical, power and gas pipes) beneath footpaths and under roads without digging an open trench.

press image to see larger image.

Who once said that, "a picture was worth a thousand words"?

ENERGEX took prompt action to STOP this type of POLLUTION on their sites by sub-contractors.

The company involved carrying out this work has since been photographed without adequate sediment controls in place. PRESS HERE to see.

Energex has phoned and written to our Group requesting that changes were made. When a letter was received advising that Energex will demand sub-contractors work for them in an environmentally friendly manner we changed the heading and some small amount of content of this page. None of our pictures were said to be wrong.

Press to see Energex letter.

If you see this type of pollution happening anywhere in Brisbane please phone us (The Rivermouth Action Group Inc.) on 3399 6204 when you see the problem such as this.

Please contact the Brisbane City Council Call Center on 3403 8888 and the Environmental Protection Agency on 3224 5612 or 3224 5520 all numbers are 24 hours. (But don't expect much action within 24 hours if some past examples still occur.)

You must ring both Council and EPA because it may come under the control of either depending what is being done. Don't be fooled by complaining to only one of them.

One complaint during 1997 the Department of Environment took 100 days. That is a site just within 7 km of the center of Brisbane the Department took 100 days to inspect a complaint of sediment entering a local waterway and still does two and a half years later.

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