Proposed Rail Line from Fisherman Islands to Melbourne by ATEC.

Notes about newspaper articles:

Wynnum Herald 7 Feb 2001

Queensland Government and opposition ruled out any new rail line along Gateway Motorway. (Not needed for at least several years to come about two more elections)

Proposal to continue to use existing standard Gauge Rail Line to Port. (Existing extensive noise problem at Morningside/Norman Park. A ATEC proposal includes a 10 million dollar noise mitigation for Morningside)

"The proposal is for (double stacked?) trains to stop at Acacia Ridge until the issue of how to get (double stacked trains?) to the port is resolved by government." (So much for the political promise of no new train line through southern suburbs 'EVER!')

Toowoomba Chronicle 7 Feb 2001

"The route will go down existing rail corridors where people have been used to trains going by for 100 years.." (So much for Mr Everald Compton's knowledge. Our Group does not know of any resident who lives along the existing dual gauge rail line to the Port of Brisbane who would agree with Mr Compton's statement.)

(No one becomes accustom to trains two kilometres long travelling 80 to 115 km per hour (in the country) or slower in the city passing their home all hours of the day and night just because they lived along an lightly used rail line all their life.)

(Mr Compton) "It will go through the Lockyer Valley along existing routes and there will be more benefits than harm, " he said. (Pray tell us Mr Compton would you please tell us residents what HARM this new rail line of yours will, may, could, cause to our Queensland and or its residents?)

Southside News 8 Feb 2001

"State Government officials have denied claims a proposed Melbourne to Brisbane freight rail line would go through the state electorate of Yeerongpilly." (Every other report we have read and also the Queensland Government say that the existing dual gauge rail line will be used to gain access to Fisherman Islands along the existing rail corridor through Brisbane's inner southern suburbs. Does this mean we will be shifting ALL the containers from Acacia Ridge Rail Depot by road transport to and from the Port at Fisherman Islands?)

"I advised the chair of the Australian Transport and Energy Corridor late last year that there would be no State Government support for a southern freight bypass to the Port of Brisbane," Mr Bredhauer said. (How does Matt Foley think the two kilometres of double stacked containers aboard the many trains which stop/terminate at Acacia Ridge will reach the Port at Fisherman Islands?)

"Australian Transport and Energy Corridor chairman Everald Compton said the route to get freight from Acacia Ridge to the Port of Brisbane had not been decided." (Well, well a new rail line could just about go anywhere through anything on its way to the ever expanding Port of Brisbane.)


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