Proposed Rail Line from Fisherman Islands to Melbourne by ATEC.
Released under Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services Jan 2001.

This web site contains only 53 pages including 4 maps of a Private Consortium Proposal for a Standard Gauge Rail line from Fisherman Islands (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) to Melbourne (Victoria, Australia)

The full report is some 320 pages in content plus 60 pages in appendices.

Our Group only requested the information contained in the Report which related to the first 50 km from Fisherman Islands towards Melbourne under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).

Any other Community Group wishing to avail themselves of the information which was contained within this report which may impact on their area is welcome to e-mail our Group for information on how FOI can be requested from Australian Federal Government Departments by community Groups without the payment of any fees or charges.

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The Report.

Short Cuts to:

Maps: Fisherman Islands to Melbourne/Sydney Base Route Options.
Rosewood to Fisherman Islands Port.
Toowoomba to Brisbane
Warwick to Brisbane

Covering FOI Letter

Newspaper articles.

The Sunday Mail 29 September 2002
Wynnum Herald 7 Feb 2001
Toowoomba Chronicle 6 Feb 2001
Toowoomba Chronicle 7 Feb 2001
Southside News 8 Feb 2001
South East Advertiser Letter to Editor 21 Feb 2001
South East Advertiser 28 Feb 2001

Comments about these newspaper acticles. Where the lies are!

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