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Formed 23 August 1992

Short History of Problem and who caused it.

Warning - Warning: Two kilometre freight trains planned for southern suburban Brisbane rail lines

Queensland Rail Dual Gauge Rail Line to the Port of Brisbane is causing excessive noise to residential areas adjacent to the line. This problem extends from Yeronga to Wynnum North. Small radius turns in the line, poor maintenance of rolling stock, the steep grade of the track at Norman Park/Morningside, and the excessive noise emitted by the exhaust on the engines is causing untold health problems and expense to residents along this section of rail line.

Many medical reports based on studies are appearing in Medical Journals world wide linking noise effects on the population to ill health, accidents, poor learning, marriage breakdowns, etc. Loss of deep sleep is well documented to do with Sleep Apnea. Legal Opinion obtained by the Queensland Department of Transport stated that a person diagnosed as suffering from Sleep Apnea who was not using CPAP equipment for at least five hours per night that they would not be covered by Workers Compensation if injured at work, Third Party Insurance if they were involved in a motor vehicle accident.

The same could be said for residents who are suffering sleep disturbance from Rail Noise. These residents with broken sleep patterns would be tired next day and suffer similar impairments to their concentration and judgements.

To see a picture of the noise level taken at Norman Park 'look here' 106 dB

Recent Study suggests $10 million noise fix required for Morningside Rail Line







Queensland Rail Code of Practice

Railway Noise Management  V 1.0 December 1999

The Freight Rail Fiasco Booklet by John Williams on behalf of the Freight Rail Action Group 1993

QRAIL's Rogues Gallery Page

Jim's Poem

Jim's Letter to Editor 21 Feb 2001

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Problems in England/France also with new train lines.

Details can be found on  Their trains will 2000
tonnes, 800m long, running four times per hour in each direction.

(My) pressure group which is fighting the proposals has a website, address, and we intend to issue a booklet similar to yours (FRAG), but
in electronic form on the Internet.

Contact: Jim Pross Ph 3899 1509


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