Quite often when you want to run a campaign you and your committee find that you are short on resources and short of information on how to go about it. Our Group (The Rivermouth Action Group Inc.) has had that feeling for many years, but have recently done something about it. We now have access to a wide range of useful items of equipment.

We don't own many of the items, but we are able to make use of many items. Some items only can be used on site at (Morningside) and some others can borrowed as long as their owner comes with it. The video camera is one such item.

Contributions given for their use, are used to maintain the equipment and extend the range of equipment or cover costs such as phone costs, batteries, consumable etc.

For further information E-mail:


Book called "ANYONE CAN"

Items possibly available to assist with local environmental campaigns:

Internet space for your issue/s
Digital Decibel Meter (hand held)
B&K 2238 Sound Level Meter for Hire with operator only.
Digital Light Meter (hand held)
Overhead Projector (OHP) (240 volt)
A4 transparencies (Photocopier grade)
Magenta Data Panel (VGA) for use with computer and overhead projector (240v adapter)
Spirit Duplicator (3) (manual turn)
A4 Paper Sheet Folding Machine folds into 2, 3 or 4 times (240v)
2 x Public Address Systems very portable. (12 / 240 volt with 12v battery)
10 w and 30 w speaker outputs
Microphones and Stands
Tie-clip FM Wireless Microphone System (12v/240v)
Video Camera with manual focus x10 (through fences and vegetation) and Tripod
2 x power Zoom Lens (= x20) for those hard to get shots with the video camera
Computer with Video Capture ability to place pictures on the Internet
A4 Flat bed colour scanner 600 dpi
VCR x 2 to make copies of video tapes for government submissions on environmental issues
Microfiche Reader (240v)
Plastic Paint in several colours to paint banners.

Large library of reports, EIS, documents obtained under Freedom of Information etc.


Check this section for information! More to come!

List of 1997/98 Australian Federal Members' E-mail addresses and Senators' E-mail addresses

Federal legislation in pdf files site

Queensland State legislation in pdf files site

The making of protest banners made easy.

Get the Petition wording correct the first time.

How to make petitioning more effective.(Creative petitioning)

Use the correct wording when writing to your elected representative.

My Will Letters

Letter to the Governor

Standard constitution for Incorporation Groups

Fax/modem (can be used for faxing all members of State Parliament on one (1) phone call)

Step by step guide (notes) (unpublished & unfinished) "Guide to Successful Campaigning" (I am still waiting for the answer to write the last Chapter) (additions points are welcomed. Please E-mail)

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