Brisbane's Gateway Ports Plan

A Gateway Plan to Disaster

This outrageous plan will impact everyone in Brisbane...

Yes ! this means YOU.

If Gateway Ports Plan proceeds you will get:

An aircraft on average every minute, all day, all night, every day, forever

Heavy freight trains and trucks around the clock

Massive new freeways, railway lines, docks, bridges and runways

Devastation of the river, Moreton Bay and threats to the Reef

1000 ha of General, Heavy, Noxious and Hazardous Industry in our area

A 10-fold increase of the air pollution in Brisbane

Over 2000 ha of bushlands in Brisbane, destroyed

Your destroyed

The Gateway Ports Plan is Uneconomic .. Undemocratic .. Unrealistic and Unwanted

What you need to do:

Write and complain to Peter Beattie, Jim Soorley, and your local, State and Federal members.


Phone Dept of Economic Development & Trade

on 3224 2111 or 3225 1717

Contact a local group for more information.


An Assessment of Environmental Impacts and Risk Factors


The Rivermouth Action Group Inc. P.O. Box 268 MORNINGSIDE QLD 4170 Ph (07) 3399 6204

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