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BMD has lodged their Development Application 16 August 2004

South East Advertiser 8 Sept 2004 Page 1

The Brisbane City Council (Queensland, Australia) has embarked on its proposal to develop a golf course on conservation grade wetlands and the land adjoining and containing the largest known colony Squirrel Glider Possums in south-east Queensland. Much of this land is flood plain for Bulimba Creek. High Acid Sulphate soils exist in the site. We have been supplied BCC test results.

Brisbane City Council admit Flood plain contains wetlands of high conservation value.

The Brisbane City Council rejected all tenders to develop a championship golf course on land involving Australia's densest known colony of Squirrel Glider Possums and decided to negotiate with developer BMD.

Letters to the Editor

The Brisbane City Council has rejected all tenders for their proposed Golf Course to be situated on the flood plain of Bulimba Creek below the flood regulation line.


The BMD company has been chosen by the BCC to discuss further the development of the Golf Course September 1999.

A Proposed Brisbane City Council Golf Course at Cannon Hill in the bushland and adjacent Flood Plain adjacent to Creek Road and Bulimba Creek and Minnippi Parklands, funded by allowing a developer to build town houses on up to 15 hectares of land on the high areas of the bushland site. Some Brisbane City Councillors are persisting that this Golf Course must go ahead even though the Council made a decision to reject the rezoning adjoining land to protect a large colony of Squirrel Glider Possums.

The development of a Golf Course adjacent to the Squirrel Glider Habitat could place the insect population on which the Possums feed in jeopardy. It would certainly place the long-term viability of the possum colony in question if dead trees and hollow dead branches were removed from the adjacent area of bushland in order to protect golfers or the public generally.

The internationally reported high uses of chemicals and fertilizers on golf courses would also be a threat to the bio diversity of Bulimba Creek, the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay, because most if not all of the eighteen holes are planned to be built below the Flood Regulation Line. So every time Bulimba Creek is in flood, chemicals will be leached into Bulimba Creek. This entire area needs protection with limited or restricted access for visitors and the removal of both feral & domestic dogs and cats.

The Study of the Squirrel Glider Possums commissioned by the Brisbane City Council and the Developer recommended that no housing development be allowed on the site and only a possibly limited golf course could be constructed but this was not recommended.

Recent tests on the Bulimba Creek flood plain have shown acid sulphate soil exist. Any disturbances of this area would/could cause an serious long term environmental impact if the development went ahead. The most of the area in question is below the Flood Regulation Line and work could not be undertaken until a bund wall was built around the entire area. Because fill cannot be placed below the flood regulation line, we question how any of the proposed earth works can be undertaken.

A local engineer has calculated that 1,000,000 m3 would need to be excavated from the site to enable the raising of greens, tees and fairways.  BMD suggest that only 250,000 cu metres will be moved!

Flooding in the local area has been a long-term problem which is becoming worse due to upstream housing development and road works. Sediment has occurred along Bulimba Creek without any Brisbane City Council or Government concerns.

The amount of sediment in Bulimba Creek is well documented within the 1991 Bulimba Creek Flood Study.


    1. Old Golf Course Plan of layout which was said to be "Public Consultation" carried out.
    2. Lord Mayor's written response to a ratepayer about Squirrel Glider Habitat.
    3. Rejected plan of layout for Golf Course obtained under Freedom of Information.

    The is the contents of an e-mail which arrived 8 Sept 2000

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