Brisbane City Council is the Local Government authority responsible for the running of the City of Brisbane. Brisbane is the capital of state of Queensland, Australia. The Brisbane City Council is made up of 26 Councillors who represent the 26 wards which make up the Brisbane Area. The Mayor of the Brisbane City Council is elected by popular vote during local government elections. Brisbane City Council councillors face re-election every four years. Voting in the Brisbane City Council election is compulsory.

Brisbane City Council has a civic cabinet made up of six councillors plus the Lord Mayor. Press to see responsibilities.

The Brisbane City Council has an annual budget greater that the Australian State of Tasmania. The Brisbane City Council is responsible for water supply, sewerage, roads, cleansing, parks, cross river ferries, buses, street lighting, town planning within its boundaries.

The 1997-2000 Brisbane City Council was made up of two political parties, the Labor and Liberal Parties. The Labor Party councillors controled the Brisbane City Council with 17 Councillors including the Mayor. The Liberal Party had 10 Councillors and there were no independants in the Brisbane City Council. The Brisbane City Council area extends out into Moreton Bay and includes Moreton Island. The chairperson of the Brisbane City Council is elected by the councillors at their first meeting after election.

Brisbane City Council has yet to fully address the issue of sediment and erosion control or adequately increased their staff numbers or decided to fully enforce the State Legislation to protect Brisbane's waterways from all developers.

See our Brisbane City Council's rogue gallery and Shame Pages sites before you move on.

The Brisbane City Council does not enforce any form of litter control within the Greater City Boundary. Smokers are allowed without restraint to discard their still burning cigarette butts, empty cigarette packets, empty lighters, cellophane and silver-paper from their cigarette packets anywhere they want to without any fear of enforcement of anti-littering by the Brisbane City Council or its many employees.

Press here to see a cartoon about cigarette litter

Their appears to be no political will within the Brisbane City Council administration to protect the environment from polluters and littering smokers.

Brisbane City Council own staff are not complying with best practise when they are installing road sensors for traffic lights. The fine phenolic dust slurry is flowing directly into street drains then into the local waterways. The last observed occurrence was 9.00 am Monday 12 April 1999 at the intersection of Wynnum Road and Redfern Street Morningside then before that Sunday 11.40 am 11 April 1999 in front of the Royal Brisbane Hospital Herston and prior to that 24 Jan 1999 at the intersection of Cavendish Road and Stanley Street Coorparoo at 8.45 am and again at 10.00 am. Again on August 26 1999 at Coorparoo. see pictures as it was left by BCC workers and after their pathetic effort of a cleanup next day after overnight rain. Again on the 20 th, the week before the election in March 2000 BCC workers were photographed using a concrete cutter on the road surface without sediment control and the fine dust slurry was entering the stormwater drain. The third time on the one intersection in 14 months.

How the Brisbane City Council can keeps their environmental certification to Australian Standards if this pollution continues is unknown. Maybe our Group will make our pictures available to their private certifiers. We will keep you informed of the results.

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