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BCC Shame Pages Pics

EX-Lord Mayor Soorley declared the Weakest Link.

The Brisbane City Council's Letter to The Rivermouth Action Group Inc.


Flushing water mains

Water main work

Brisbane City Council restoring footpath

Cigarette butts are litter

How to control Government sites

Non-Sediment Control July 99

Non-enforced 'Conditions of Development'

Anti-litter Cartoon

Brisbane City Council old proposal for Golf Course at Cannon Hill/Carina

Damage to Ramsar Wetland area by Brisbane City Council. inc pictures

Can grasscutters READ? WE THINK NOT!

Chermside Frog Wetland's demise

Spring Creek Carindale

Boondall's Western Extension Wetland

Building Approval to build over a natural creek at Mt Gravatt with the creek to be piped

Squirrel Gliders Possums habitat demise at Villa World development Boondall

Private Citizen's Speech to BCC on 27/4/99

Lack of sediment control when the Mt Cootha Bypass Road was built by the Brisbane City Council

Sediment Control. Developers must comply

Sediment Non-Control & Non-Enforcement

Why Brisbane has a captive air problem.

Other information

BCC Response to petition asking for more Resources for Sediment Inspectors

Brisbane's EX-Lord Mayor's Environmental Vision

Brisbane City Council Information



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