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What did Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan promise to do about Aircraft Noise on 25 February 1996?
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The Australian Public have been subjected to a Airservices Australia HOAX Policy for more that 15 years in their attempt to artificially reduce reported noisy aircraft across Australia.

Sept 2010


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THE State Government yesterday rejected the revised Brisbane Airport draft master plan, citing concerns over noise levels of a proposed third runway. Transport Minister Steve Bredhauser said that noise impacts on community "must be more rigorously addressed". A Brisbane Airport Corporation Ltd spokeswoman said noise levels would be far less than those at other major cities including Sydney.

The Courier Mail, Tuesday, December 22, 1998.

Draft Master Plan 1998

Brisbane Airport Corporation Limited


The Brisbane Airport planned new parallel main runway will align over southern residential suburbs. Information gained under the Freedom of Information Act explains the direction of Brisbane's Airport runway which faced over existing long term residential areas instead of over vacant state and federal government industrial land.

"The orientation of current and future runways has been deliberately set to maximise industrial development opportunities in the mouth of the Brisbane River."

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