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  3. Acceptable principles of peak group consultation!
  4. History of The Rivermouth Action Group Inc and its Aims.
  5. Activist's Hand Book (A guide to actions)
  6. Quotes to quote
  7. Community Groups listings and links
  8. Protest Banners are easy to make.
  9. Petition link page (senate, House of reps, state, council)
  10. Creative Petitioning
  11. Federal Petitions to House of Representatives wording and history of petitions
  12. Petitions to the Australian Senate
  13. Petition to Queensland Government rules
  14. Petitions to the Brisbane City Council
  15. A draft letter to the Govenor of Queensland
  16. Senators' and Federal Members' E-mail addresses
  17. Part of History of My Will Letters
  18. Format of My Will Letters to politicians
  19. Using a fax/modem to write to members of parliament.
  20. Meaning of tide heights and AHD readings.
  21. An engineer's view of Mt Coot-tha whilst the bypass road was being built.
  22. Damage from coral dredging in Moreton Bay
  23. Pictures of Mud Island in Moreton Bay. Damage by Coral Dredging.
  24. Brisbane Gateway Ports Area problems
  25. Brisbane Gateway Ports a disaster
  26. "Train depot illegal " Weekend Independant article.
  27. A Standard Constitution for Incorporation for Queensland
  28. Incorporation Certificate

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